Oct 8, 2018

A CLEAN AIR COLCHESTER - What's your vision?


We would like to compile a "wish list" of clean air changes that we would like to see in Colchester in the coming years. Please log in or sign up to the website and add your own. Don't worry if they seem unrealistic now - anything IS possible. The cut-off for suggestions will be 1st November 2018. We will then do a poll to create an order of priorities.


The idea is for Clean Air Colchester and friends to work backwards... "This is what we would like to see so how do we achieve it?"


Please don't be shy. The more ideas the better. Here are a few to start us off...


- Cheaper public transport

- Cleaner public transport (electric buses)

- A congestion charge system for the centre of town

- More low speed zones

- A joined up cycle network across Colchester

- Incentives for cycling / walking rather than driving

- More electric charging points around town, along major roads leading to Colchester and across Essex

- All local supermarkets with car parks to have electric charging points

- Pedestrianise high street

- Bike sharing scheme

- Bike trailer sharing scheme

- Car sharing scheme (ie: Zipcar)

- A tram / light rail system (maybe a pipe dream but...)


Oct 8, 2018

- More secure cycle parking

Oct 9, 2018


Here are a few more ideas....


- Green walls around town

- Tree planting/ CityTrees – ( (

- Investment into expanding local bus routes and cheaper fares

- Idling awareness/ fines

- Incentive for new drivers to buy electric cars

- Incentive for old car/ diesel drivers to trade in cars for electric cars

- Short journey car sharing networks - Reduced/no parking fees for electric cars and car shares

- Incentives for park and ride

- Electric charging points at all petrol stations

- Making underground pedestrian routes more inviting/ safer

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