We all breathe in the same air but why is it important for that air to be clean?

And what can we do to improve local air quality? Air pollution may be invisible and easy to ignore but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Air pollution from commercial vehicles such as diesel particles is an immediate concern in Colchester and impacts on our general health as well as reducing the overall air quality in our town. In addition, many people drive through town to reach their place of work, contributing to exhaust emissions and poor air quality.


Sustainability and reducing environmental impact is very much at the forefront of business thinking right now, so supporting a local campaign to improve air quality could be an easy way for your organisation to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and reduce your carbon emissions.


Do you have a Corporate No Idling Policy for employees, contractors, visitors and suppliers? If not then could you consider putting one in place? 


To get you started we have shared below Colchester Borough Council’s general No Idling Policy and separate policies for staff and visitors. These documents can be used as a template to produce your own No Idling Policy. 

If you have any questions then please contact We are happy to provide advice and support.


If you would like to do a staff presentation with your colleagues, please do get in touch and we can share a recorded presentation and short film to use.