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CAReless Pollution is a Colchester-wide campaign urging drivers to adopt better driving habits and switch off their engines while they wait at traffic lights, level crossings or outside schools. This is to improve their own health and help reduce air pollution in the town.

This new campaign has been informed by research, which shows that 87% of local people

are concerned about air quality in Colchester and 41% think the town is highly polluted.

Only 15% of drivers regularly switch off their engine when their car is not moving and 20%

override their car’s automatic switch off technology which could save them money on fuel

as well as reduce emissions.

Switching off your car engine is a small, simple action that brings an important health

benefit to all car drivers and everyone inside the car. Research carried out by the University

of Surrey has found that pollution inside a stationary car with the engine running is seven

times higher than the air pollution outside the car.

Some people say they are reluctant to switch off their engines while they wait because of

mis-information and myths. Find out more here

We need the help of everyone in Colchester to make the air that we breathe cleaner. Please join us to help spread the message about the benefits to people’s health that come from switching off car engines when they are stationary. You can help by sharing CAReless Pollution at work, school, or among your local community, friends and neighbours.

We have a range of CAReless Pollution materials available for:


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