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We all breathe in the same air but why is it important for that air to be clean?

And what can we do to improve local air quality? Air pollution may be invisible and

easy to ignore but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Our Toolkit for Schools, produced for the CAReless Pollution campaign, provides teachers with a range of activities and ideas for involving and inspiring pupils to understand more about the air around them and encouraging everyone to take action to help improve air quality in Colchester. 


There are activities to fit different time and space opportunities. Some ideas are short and suitable for a single lesson, whereas others are more detailed and appropriate for use as part of a larger project.


As a starting point we recommend working through the fact sheet and quiz, and then building up to some of the more detailed activities. This will help pupils grasp a basic understanding of air pollution before extending their knowledge. 


The fact sheet and quiz are suitable for pupils across all key stages. You can also use our assembly plan on taking personal responsibility for air pollution and the impact that individual actions can make. We have included a two minute film for you to show as part of the assembly and a template presentation.


You can download the whole Toolkit, or specific elements depending on your requirements, by clicking on the links below:  

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