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We all breathe in the same air but why is it important for that air to be clean?
And what can we do to improve local air quality? Air pollution may be invisible and
easy to ignore but it doesn’t mean it’s not there

Whether you are a local resident who is concerned about idling vehicle engines in your street, a local employee who is keen to see your company reduce the negative impacts of poor quality air or an experienced environmental campaigner, we are here to support you and provide ideas for action on how we can all help improve the air that we breathe in Colchester.  


Any help you can offer, however small, is hugely appreciated – we are stronger when we work together. This could include, for example, distributing postcards to neighbours and displaying a poster in your window or giving a talk at your local community centre or workplace.


There are a range of ways in which we can all help but did you know that one of the most effective actions is to encourage people to switch off their vehicle engines every time they wait. This is because idling car engines contribute up to 30% of air pollution.


We have produced a Volunteer Pack (see links below) packed full of information and ideas to help you join us and raise awareness of the CAReless Pollution campaign. This will extend its reach into local communities across Colchester.


To request materials such as postcards, posters or banner stands please email Rosie Welch on


Volunteer pack – click on the links below to download the content:

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