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Clean Air Day 2018! We will be holding an event at Firstsite! More info to come... A nationwide event on 21st June 2018 to promote conversations, events and behaviour change all with the aim of having clean air across the country.

Chief Medical Officer annual report 2017: health impacts of all pollution – what do we know?

Professor Dame Sally Davies's ninth independent report as CMO discusses the threat to health posed by pollution to people living in England.

Walk Colchester An inclusive approach to mapping pathways is based on an understanding that all paths are more or less accessible i.e. they exist on a spectrum of accessibility, which makes it difficult to usefully define one as ‘accessible’ and another not, without the specific vantage point of the user. The focus of inclusive mapping is therefore on detailing the paths, not the user, although recommendations are also made for paths/routes that are considered to have a higher level of overall accessibility.

The Cycle Colchester website seeks to keep the community up to date with what is happening locally to promote and support cycling, whether you are a beginner, looking to cycle more, or into the sporty/competitive side of cycling.

airTEXT is a free service for the public providing air quality alerts by SMS text message, email and voicemail and 3-day forecasts of air quality, pollen, UV and temperature across Greater London and beyond.

The charity Living Streets are working to bring walking back. Their local projects deliver real change to overcome barriers to walking and their ground breaking initiatives such as the Walk to School campaign encourages millions of people to walk.

Sustrans are the charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle.

Download, examine, explore, inform yourself on what the government has put in its new Air Quality Plan. This is the plan for the whole country, not Colchester.

The more of us know what’s in it, the more people can pressure them to ensure they take action to implement it.

Find the contact details of your local MP here and write to them to let them

know that you care about the air you breathe.

Ask Will Quince how he is taking action to improve the situation locally. And then don’t stop asking until we have real change! Your MP has a duty to take into account any questions asked by constituents.


Here you can find out about more easy steps to take to make the air you breathe cleaner:


Find out more ClientEarth and the legal work and campaigning they are doing for a clean air environment. Join the fight for clean air.


ClientEarth have also launched a campaign called "Poisoned Playgrounds"

Find out if your child's school has a playground with illegal levels of air pollution:


King’s College, London continue to research many aspects of air quality,

it’s impact on our health, how it is measured, and much more.

Find out what they are doing and access their useful tools to protect yourself.


By taking part in the OPAL Air Survey you can find out about air quality near you and help our scientists answer important questions about the impacts of air quality across the UK.


Transport and Environment have been researching and campaigning on diesel engines and have produced a number of reports on the Dieselgate scandal.

Find out more here:


Thinking of getting a new car and not sure about electric or hybrid options? Which? have written this great list...


Find a link here to government grants for low emissions vehicles here:

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